Placement Boot Camp 2016

Posted on: 29-October-2016



Placement Boot Camp 2K16 – Report


        Placement Boot Camp, an initiative by Placement Cell VAST TC, was conducted on 28th October 2016 in our campus. We had invited students from other campuses and the objective was to make our students compete with other college students and as a preparatory step for upcoming placements.


The Placement Boot Camp started on time by completing the registration formalities of all students by 9.30 am and ended at 4.30 pm as per the schedule. To save time, all the students were divided in groups of 3 on the previous day itself and the groups were given numbers for easy identification. Every student was given an opportunity to go through all 4 rounds, compete and grab a position in the final interview list.


66 students from VAST TC and 51 students from other campuses (SHM Kadakkal, Rajadhani Nagaroor, VKCET Parippally, UKF Parippally, CoE Attingal, St Thomas Chengannur, Marthoma Ayur) registered in the camp. 9 students from Marthoma Ayur came very late for the camp and were not allowed to participate. 52 students from VAST and 30 students from other campuses participated in the camp.


All students participated in group for Aptitude test & Aptitude Quiz and participated individually in Group Discussion, Group Interview and Personal Interview. The first round was Aptitude test for 30 minutes. The test results were evaluated and top 6 teams (5 from VAST, 1 from Rajadhani) were selected for the Aptitude Quiz. The quiz was conducted for 30 minutes and the scores were added to the test score.


A quick refresher session was given to all students based on Aptitude quiz and test after quiz was over. This was followed by Group Discussion round. All students attended GD with 5 groups of multiple colleges attending each GD. A quick orientation along with the mistakes committed during GD was explained to all after the round. Group Interview was conducted after GD and once again 5 groups of multiple colleges participated in each GI. The scores of GD and GI were evaluated, tabulated and added to overall score to find the top 10 students (6 from Vidya and 4 from other colleges) eligible for personal interview.


Personal Interview was conducted for each student for about 5 minutes. General questions as well as specific questions were asked to the students and their performance was evaluated. The scores of personal interview were then added to the total score to arrive at the final score and ranking of reach student.


The list of selected students of Mock placement in the camp is:

1. Durgadas B R (VAST)

2. Ananthu B Nair (VAST)

3. Dattan Chandrababu (VAST)

4. Rachana R Sekhar (VKCET)

5. Heera Sathyan (VAST)

6. Abhijith B R (VAST)


The list of students in the wait list of Mock placement in the camp is:

1. Sravan S S (CoE Attingal)

2. Saranya B (VAST)

3. Sabarikrishnan K P (SHM)

4. Rakhi J S (Rajadhani)


We take immense pleasure in congratulating all the winners!

We would like to inform all students who topped the list that you need to sustain your performance and improve your position to get good placements and for those who couldn’t make it to the list, put an extra effort in learning, understand and practicing all concepts taught during the training.


Feedback about the placement boot camp was collected from all the participants and it showed it was well appreciated by all students.