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Vidya Academy of Science & Technology,
Technical Campus

(A unit of Vidya International Charitable Trust)

Mechanical Engineering

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The B.Tech. Course in Mechanical Engineering was started in the year 2013 with an intake of 60 students. It also admits lateral entry students during the second year. The Department of Mechanical Engineering is fully geared up to provide students an intensive and quality education that takes them through the fundamental concepts of the subject along with due thrust on practical orientation, so as to enable the students the right choice for industry. It also eventually equips them to climb up career ladder to attain their cherished goals.

The competent faculty team includes Professors, Associate Professors and Assistant Professors. Their areas of specialization include Production & Industrial Engineering, Robotics, Computer Aided Design, Refrigeration & Cryogenics, Machine Design, Propulsion, Material Science, Thermal Engineering, Automobile Engg., etc. The highly skilled technician team consists of the Workshop Superintendent and Lab Instructors.

The laboratory facilities to cater to the needs of the syllabus and beyond are available. Multi-media facilities and Over Head Projector in class rooms enhancing the teaching learning process effectively.








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Dr.T.Mathavaraj Ravikumar


B.E, M.E, Ph.D, MBA

Ext : 123

Bijeesh P

Associate Professor


Robin David

Assistant Professor


A Vimal

Assistant Professor


Rohit Raj K

Assistant Professor


Nithin Mithra

Assistant Professor


Ramu Rajendran

Assistant Professor


Jinsyam Sasindran

Assistant Professor


Ajeesh A S

Assistant Professor

Mr Ajeesh completed his M-tech in Materials and Systems Engineering Design from NIT Warangal and B-tech from Govt Engineering College Kozhikode.

Midhun S S

Assistant Professor


Mr. Midhun S S completed his B-Tech from College of Engineering, Trivandrum and his M-Tech in Materials Scieence and Technology from NIT Calicut. His research area includes Stimuli responsive adhesive liquid marbles.

Sreejith S Nair

Assistant Professor


Mr. Sreejith completed his M-Tech in Machine Design from NIT Calicut. He completed his B-tech from Rajadhani Institute of Engineering and Technology. His research areas include Design, Analysis and Mechanical Fabrication.


Trade Instructor


Anilkumar V R

Trade Instructor

National Trade Certificate


Trade Instructor


Sooraj S

Trade Instructor

National Trade Certificate

Liju R Krishnan

Trade Instructor



The Department has has the following fully equipped laboratories:

Basic Engineering Workshop

Provides an introduction to the various tool and equipment's  used in various section such as carpentry,smithy,welding fitting,plumbing and sheet metal, along with the  basic engineering skill development and training in each sections.

Fluid Mechanics Lab

Fluid Mechanics is one of the core areas in the field of Mechanical Engineering. The students are given an opportunity to understand the various principles in Fluid Mechanics and their practical applications through a well equipped laboratory.

Hydraulic Machines is another important area that deals with the working and application of different types of Hydraulic Machines in the various fields of Engineering. The lab is well equipped with turbines used in hydro-electric power plants and pumps used in various practical applications. Students are given hands on training on these machines.

Some of the important test rigs available in the lab are Venturimeter, Orificemeter, Pumps, and Turbines etc.

Machine Tools Lab

The Objective of this lab is to acquaint with milling machines, grinding machines and drilling machines and to impart training on these machines. It also includes CNC machines and training on these machines.


Thermal Engineering Lab (M)

The aim of the lab is to give a practical insight to the students about the study of various types IC engines and their parts The lab is well equipped with test rigs for conduct the performance test on IC engines, compressors and blowers

IC engine Lab

Production Engineering Lab

Computer Aided Modeling and Analysis Lab

Mechanical Engineering Lab





1. Campus Placement at VAST, Technical Campus

Suba Plastics is a solution provider for Plastic injection molding technology in Asian sub-continent with more than 30 years of experience. We facilitate multiple clienteles in different areas like automotive, health care, Medical, Electrical & Textile segments.

Mr. Vishnu. G, Mr. Vishnu Jayakumar, Mr.Akhil Raj R, Mr. Robin A Kumar and Mr.JijinMohsn students of S8 ME have managed this historical and momentous achievement.

2. IDBI Federal Recruitment Drive

IDBI Federal Life Insurance drive was arranged in the Campus on 28th February 2017. VAST hosted the pool drive inviting nearby campuses.

In total 300 students applied for the drive in the online form which was circulated among our students and other colleges.

132 students from various campuses registered in the morning. Students from VKCET Parippally, CoEAttingal, SHM Kadakkal, TKM Institute of Technology, PRS College Trivandrum, ACE College Trivandrum participated apart from VAST.

A pre-placement talk was conducted after the registration and the Recruiters explained about the job nature and the responsibilities to be carried out. Students were divided into a batch of 10-12 each for the Group discussion, which started immediately after the pre-placement talk. 12 rounds of GD were there and in total 53 students were shortlisted. Face to face interview started immediately after the Group Discussion.

IDBI Federal extended 24 offers after the interview, 9 from VAST and 15 for other 6 campuses. Out of the 9 from VAST 3 students were from final year Mechanical Engineering Department.  

Akhil S R Nair,Krishnaraj,Vivek I Varman 

At the end of the process, they handed over the signed list to Dr Anil. B (Academic Director). Er.Devarajan. R(Project Director) presented the memento as a token of gratitude on behalf of VAST.

Dr. T. Mathavaraj Ravikumar, HOD (Mechanical Engineering Department) became Editorial Board Member in Automation, Control and Intelligent Systems Journal by Science PG,Science PG or Science Publishing Group is an independent international publisher of 110+ open access, peer-reviewed journals committed to disseminating the fruits of latest research to the global community as widely as possible. They are based in the United States.

3. MECHTRONIA 2K17 – 10th and 11th April 2017

“MECHTRONIA”, tech fest conducted by the department of Mechanical Engineering at VAST-TC on 10th and 11th of April 2017 . The event was inaugurated on 10 th of April by Dr. T Madhavraj Ravikumar, HOD of Mechanical Engineering VAST-TC. Dr.B.Anil ( Academic Director, VAST-TC), Prof. Vijayakumar K.(Principal), Smt Anitha Vijayan (Trustee Coordinator) and Mr. J. Suresh (PTA President) were present. For the success of this event each and everyone in ME department is indebted to our HOD, who stood by our side and gave valuable instructions.

MECHTRONIA was a very different experience, the students had the chance to showcase their talents and at the same time they had technical workshops to polish their skills.


On 10th of April, 8th and 6th semester ME students had CNC sessions. Both theory and practical sessions were conducted by Mr.Vimal, Mr.Renjeesh, Mr.Ajayakumar (Assistant Professors ME) under the leadership of Mr.Bijeesh (Associate Professor ME).


On the same day, 4th and 2nd semester students were taught how to dismantle and assemble IC engines.

As a mechanical engineer the students must not only know the theory behind the working of IC engines but must be familiar with the various parts and uses of each components in the engine. The objective of this course was to make students understand each components of IC engine and also learn the working of each component by physically assembling and dismantling an engine.


The students of 4th  and 2nd  semester also had a workshop on “MECHATRONICS” by Mr.Rahul (Founder and CEO, Engineer’s Gallery). Mechatronics is a blend of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer control and information technology. The objective of the workshop was to make our students understand the basics of mechatronics and also the basics of microcontroller programming. The students got to work with microcontroller using the basic sensors.


Like the first day, second day of MECHTRONIA was eventful as well. The morning session for 8th and 6th semester students started with a talk on “TECHNICAL & HR INTERVIEW TECHNIQUES” by Mr.Ajay (HR Associate Operations, UST GLOBAL). The session concentrated on the how to prepare for interviews and the various techniques to reduce stress during interviews and simultaneously for 4th and 2nd semester students had a technical talk by Mr.E J FRANCIS (Rtd. Group Director VSSC).


Then the whole Mechanical department had the opportunity to  attend  a seminar on “ROAD SAFETY AND NEW TRENDS IN AUTOMOBILES”, which was conducted by Mr.Sajith V (RTO, Attingal) and Mr.Firoz M (AMVI, Attingal). Also the bus-drivers of VAST-TC also attended the seminar on road safety.

A technical quiz for Mechanical Engineering students followed the seminar. Mr. Rohit Raj (Asst. Prof ME) was the quiz master.Through the two days of MECHTRONIA the students got a very good platform to showcase and improve their mechanical engineering skills. The students got an opportunity to learn a lot about the various aspects of engineering as well as managerial qualities. All of us were really happy about the things that each and everyone have done together for the fest. Self confidence of the students were boosted. We could see senior students helping out juniors. Together a lot of positive things came into our attitude after the fest.

All students of mechanical engineering worked hard to make the fest a grand success. The foundation of success was the help and support of the staffs of ME department. who gave their wholesome support. They gave clear guidelines and stayed overnight to help bring out the best out of our students.The students are truly guided to become excellent engineers with empathy and compassion.

This is just an inception towards greatness. We hope with immense support from the staffs and management, VAST-TC can definitely come up with great ideas and tech fests of this kind, where our students will get real good technical exposure.

4. Guest Lecture on CoEDAS through Hyper Works Software

As a part of giving the students a brief idea about the current trends in Design software in Mechanical Engineering and motivating the students, a one hour guest lecture on COEDAS DESIGN SOFTWARE with HYPERWORKS TOOLS for Mechanical Engineering students was conducted on 8/02/2017 at Seminar Hall. The Resource Person was Mr.Gopikrishnan (MD- iNCAETEK). The motivation for organising this event was to equip our students with as much information and ideas in the design trends in our industries  so that they will be self-motivated to choose their area of interest after the completion of  B.Tech program.

5. Guest Lecture on Autodesk Fusion 360 software

As a part of giving the students a brief idea about the current trends in Design software in Mechanical Engineering and motivating the students, a half day guest lecture on Fusion 360 software (Mechanical Engineering Design Software) was conducted on 21st February 2017 at Seminar Hall. The Resource Person was Mr.Satheeshkumar, Sr.Application Engineer, Intercad solutions, Trivandrum. The motivation of organising this event was to equip students with as much information and ideas in the design trends in our industries regarding not only one but various leading software products and to self-motivate them to find add on courses along with their B.Tech programme.

6. Industrial Visit

The second year (4th Semester) Mechanical Engineering students visited Wonderla Amusement Park, Ernakulam on 24th February.

61 Students participated in the industrial visit and were accompanied by three faculties, Mr. Avinash, Mr. Ranjeesh Sugathan and Ms. Divya Sabu. This industrial visit was arranged at Ernakulam so that students were able to see and understand the various hydraulics systems, power transmission drives and mechanical systems. And also students were also able to enjoy the various rides and games setup at Wonderla.

The students were able to understand the new trends in the amusement world while having fun.

7. One day workshop on “Materials and Manufacturing Processes” on 27th July 2016

8. 3 Day Workshop on “CNC Programming and Training” to final year Polytechnic students –

15-12-16 to 17-12-16

9. 3 Day Workshop on “CNC Programming and Training” to final year Polytechnic students – Valedictory function on 17-12-16

10. Guest Lecture on CoEDAS through Hyper Works Software - 08-02-17

11. Workshop on Non-Destructive Testing - 15th March 2017


Students Project

Students Project Details  : 2013 Batch Click Here

Project Details - Phase-1 : 2014 Batch Click Here

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Office Phone: 914702649574 , 914702649234  

Ext :112

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  • Faculty Development Programme on RECENT ADVANCES IN COMPOSITE MATERIALS 16TH to 18TH December 2019 Sponsored by APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University

A three-day Faculty Development Programme on “RECENT ADVANCES IN COMPOSITE MATERIALS” sponsored by APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University was held at Vidya Academy of Science & Technology Technical Campus (VAST TC) conducted by the Department of Mechanical Engineering from 16-12-19 to 18-12-19. The FDP aims to provide opportunities to the faculty members of various engineering colleges affiliated to KTU to enrich their knowledge in the field of advanced materials and it’s various applications. The Programme also intends to develop the teaching skill of participants for inculcating learning values in students and guiding and monitoring their progress in the field of materials technology.

 The FDP received an overwhelming response from faculty members from various KTU affiliated engineering colleges and out of which 20 participants from various engineering colleges and 10 participants from VAST-TC were short listed to attend the programme.


The esteemed personalities were present in the inauguration of the programme:

  • Dr.T.Mathavaraj Ravikumar, Principal, VAST TC
  • Dr.ANANTHAKUMAR .S ,Senior Principal Scientist, CSIR-NIIST, Trivandrum
  • Prof.Vijay KumarHead, Department Civil Engineering
  • Prof. Saheeda P.A., Head, Departmentof Electronics & Communication
  • Dr.M.C.John Wiselin, Head, Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  • Prof.Subha Devi A KHead, Department of Applied Science
  • Mr.Vimal.A. Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department


  • Prof Bijeesh.P Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering welcomed all the respected dignitaries and participants. In the welcome speech he shared his views with the faculty participants that if faculty wants to develop themselves and their students, then attending such FDP would enhance their skills of teaching concepts practically. Further he explained the importance and organizing the FDP. He briefed the participants about the subjects chosen for the FDP and highlighted the reasons and importance of the same.



  • Dr.T.Mathavaraj Ravikumar, Principal, VAST TC appreciated the Mechanical Engineering Department and APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University for organizing the FDP in his speech. He pointed out that this FDP is the second sponsored FDP at the VAST-TC campus. He also pointed out the importance of establishing a Center of Excellence in our campus. He further added that this programme will provide special benefits to faculty members.
  • Dr.ANANTHAKUMAR S Senior Principal Scientist, CSIR-NIIST, Trivandrum emphasized the benefits of such kind of resourceful activity and also briefed about recent advances in composite materials in his speech.
  • The inauguration programme ended with the vote of thanks by Mr. Vimal.A.


Day 1 (16/12/2019):

Session 1:

Dr Ananthakumar S, Senior Principal Scientist, CSIR-NIIST, Thiruvananthapuram has delivered keynote address on RECENT ADVANCES IN COMPOSITE MATERIALS. In this session the participants were introduced to the new materials, process and technology developments. He stressed on the point Learn from Nature as model.

This session was based on Max Phase Nano Composites for Advanced Applications.

The highlights of the session were

  • Advanced Processes of Max phase materials
  • Nano Materials
  • Silica Based Composites Gels for Adsorption
  • Smart Materials


Session 2:

The second session was also taken by Dr V V Manikandan,. This session was based on Developments of Aluminium Composites

The highlights of the session were

  • Advanced Processes Aluminium matrix composites for Engineering Components


Day 2 (17/12/2019):

Session 1:

On the second day the first session was handled by Mr.Vimal A. Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, VAST TC.  The session was based on Self-healing of Composites

  • Self-healing Composites.
  • Processing of Composites
  • Fibre Layout during Composite processing.

Session 2:

On the Second day the Second session was handled by Mr.Harikrishnan M. Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Rajagiri School of Engineering.  The session was based on Surface Machining of Composites using VMC

  • Surface Machining.
  • Crystal Structure Modification After Surface Machining.
  • High Entropy Composites.
  • Stimulation in materials surface modification.





Day 3 (18/12/2019):

Session 1:

On the final day the first session was handled by Dr Sekar. Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, NIT Calicut.  The session was based on Processing and Manufacturing of Aluminium Composites by Stir Casting

The highlights of the session were:

  • Stir Casting process parameters.
  • Stir Casting machine manufacturing.
  • Stir Casted Materials Properties



Session 2:

On the final day the second session was handled Mr.Ramu Rajendran, Assistant Professor, VAST-TC. The session was based on Machining of ceramic composites.

The highlights of the session were:

  •  New challenges in ceramic matrix composites
  • Powder metallurgy process in fiber reinforced ceramic matrix composites
  • Processing methods and machining methods for ceramic matrix composites



The honorable personalities present in the occasion were,

Dr.T.Mathavaraj Ravikumar Principal

Mr.Bijeesh, Asso.Prof./ ME

Mr.Vimal A. AP/ME

Mr. Rohith Raj . AP/ME

All the personalities elaborated the successful conduct of the FDP by the department. The program was ended with vote of thanks by Prof Bijeesh.P HOD/ME and Coordinator of the FDP. All the participants were issued the participation certificates.


All the sessions were very much informative. The discussed areas are of great benefit for the participants as the topics match with the current working domain. Participants were enlightened with the most widely used advance technologies in this domain. This in turn will help in research activity in the area of advanced composite materials.


Dept. of Mechanical Engneering is conducting a two-day workshop for final year polytechnic students on "CNC Programming and Training" in 2 phases.
ase 1- Students of C P T, vattiyoorkavu and Ezhukone on 14th and 15th DEC 2017 - 40 students
Phase  2-  Students of Attingal Poly, on 18th and 19th DEC 2017 - 30 students

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    Mr.Vinay.V.A and Mr.Shreeju.B.S won third prize in "Idea pitching Competition" held at RIT Kottayam. Over 100 teams from 30 different...
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    MoU with InterCAD Systems Pvt Ltd, Trivandrum
    Memorandum of Understanding Signed on Friday of 25th August 2017 for Industry Academy Collaboration Program Between Vidya Academy of...


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